Hi,  Sorry for a week gap in Blogs. 😦

Well, the delay partly due to my ill health.. Indian food here isnt suiting me at alll… 😦

And partly due to my latest obsession … Tablets….. :O

To start with in the last one week I have gone through a number of Tablets in the Market and about to come to the Market.. I wonder why each one is compared to iPad !!! Among soooooooooooo many about to come and already in… The one that interested me were :

a. Adam ( To be launched By Notion Ink, a startup from India, support for Android, Ubuntu and Chrome )

b. WeTab ( To be launched by a German company, Suppports MeeGo !)

c.  ExoPC (To be launched or already launched by a Canada Company, supports Windows 7)

On a one to one comparison , seems like each tablet has its own positives and negatives.

If you consider Adam, I love its Pixel Qi and cost (a stunning 498 $ for its highest cost Model !!)…

In WeTab.. I really loved its UI… Wow what an innovative UI it has..

And ExoPC the UI again.. I just love them.. 🙂

Anyways,  If I need to compare and decide which one would I buy, I would definitely go for the Notion Ink Adam anyday.. Mostly because of its features and a little because its a Tablet By an Indian Company. The Adam comes with marvellous specs and a mind boggling Price Tag !! It features 3 USBs.. a Swivel Camera… a Battery life of 16 hours.. 😮 and most importantly a Pixel Qi Screen.. Now I can even go out in Sun and still use my Tablet.. Wooooooowwwwwwww !!!!!

In case you have in Mind a better iPad Killer do let me know.. and I would like to consider it as well.. Till then Hats Off to Adam.. My Love..

And Yes… Saare jahan se acha Hindustan Humara.. We proved it once Again… 😉 .. I Love uuuuuuuu My INDIA. Muuuaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh… 🙂