Hi,  Everyone..

Yesterday I was trying to make it out .. where our country INDIA lies in the world …. Is it even possible for India to become SuperPower ??? Well… I found answer to some of these questions and answer to some of these still remains a mistery.. 😦

Anyways, it seems the World Bank is quite positive about the future of India, and sees it as an Elite country by the next generation provided it develops on its infrastructure !!

Well. now this is a question for all Indians around the world.. What do you think keeps the Indian Government from investing in Infrastructure even after it collects a hell lot of money  as taxes ?? Yes I know what would be your answer … “Population”, “India is a Democracy” and yes the “Evil Corrupted Government ” !!

I remain concerned on why do we actually allow the Government to “Do what it wants to Do” . Actually most of all its our fear that keeps us back … And the question that every Indian asks ” Why should it be me ???  Why not someone else starts it and I follow… “, and even if one thinks we wants to , ” How can he  ?? ” is a question he wonders .. 😦

Well for the Bold ones.. Those with balls and guts to do something for Our Great Country India , which the World no more thinks as being Greatest …. 😦 ,  For those who wants to take a step forward to help India fight Corruption … For those who believe in leading and not being lead… I found something that can help you in you battle and heartiest desire to make India , the best in the world…

Have you ever heard of the “Zero Rupee Note”, Never !! Well now you have heard. Right ?? 😉

Its a novel anti-corruption tool, the zero-rupee note that can be handed over to any crooked bureaucrat who seeks a little extra payment.

Tool to fight Corruption !!

The protest note — literally worth only the paper it is printed on — is being promoted by 5th Pillar (http://india.5thpillar.org/ ), a group that campaigns on behalf of ordinary Indians who are forced to grease the palms of millions of civil servants.

Vijay Anand, head of 5th Pillar, says “The corruption prevailing in the common man’s life is painful and it can be dealt with by the zero-rupee note”… 🙂

The step though it may seem small but is major and may be the first step we can take to make India , Our India !!, the Best around the world.

So, what do you say ??? Are you into it ?? Do you love your country and will atleast try using it once… I would for sure . 😉

Come out of your houses and do something so that you can be proud of yourself and one day make common people (not you but those who are sitting at Home and watching whatever unfair practices happens due to their fear ) proud of this Great Country India… 🙂

I Love You my Country . 🙂

I know we are good and believe me, one day we would be the Best… What we need is to leave the Fear behind and work for what is in our Country’s Best Interest…

Vande Mataram